Vision Statement

To become the highest standards of excellence in teaching and research. 

The Department serves as a source for the promotion of problem-solving, analytical thinking and utilising technology. It produces high-quality Physics graduates well prepared for the job market or for postgraduate studies. The Department builds upon its strengths for the development of graduate programmes in areas of need for the country.

Mission Statement

To play a pivotal role in the training of graduates of the School of Physical Sciences, irrespective of the area of specialisation; to serve as a centre of excellence in research in Physics, Engineering Physics and Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics.

Core Values

The core values that distinguish Physics, Engineering Physics, and Meteorology and Atmospheric Science programmes at the University of Cape Coast are:

  1. Creative teaching methodologies that incorporate modern Physics from the first day of the first year. 
    We believe in training our students with the requisite modern Physics skills to enable them to compete with their counterparts elsewhere. As a result, we weave modern Physics into the first-year introductory physics sequence, making the introduction to physics exciting, relevant, and purposefully different from what you learnt at the senior high school. In Physics, we believe you learn best by doing and therefore we work to integrate lectures and labs so you can explore a new concept experimentally before hearing about it in lecture. 
  2. Graduate and Professional Education 
    The Department maintains the highest quality of instruction and research training for graduate students; expand and enhance applied and professional degree options and contribute to advances in Science Education.
  3. Undergraduate Research. 
    Research experience as undergraduate moulds you to become a scientist. It builds your resume, opens up opportunities for employment or graduate school, and sets you apart from other students who merely take courses